Green Jobs Academy

The Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Center is partnering with the Green Jobs Alliance and Greener Results Consulting to develop and offer a comprehensive package of educational programs to help create green jobs, green practices, and energy efficiency within the hospitality, construction, and agriculture industries. The need to develop a focused educational program for green jobs has never been greater. Global warming, dependence on foreign oil, and the economy has spurred significant interest in going green! A myriad of green products, technologies and services are available to a motivated public but they need to feel confident that they are heading in a meaningful direction with their green purchases and improvements.

The Green Job Academy workshops will provide direction and training to help business owners, employees, and consumers make informed decisions.

. Offer participants diverse educational opportunities and comprehensive exposure to instituting a green program;

. Ensure participants will gain a complete understanding of sound business and strategic practices;

. Provide participants counsel and guidance for career enhancement and growth opportunities;

. Provide an educational forum with an overall industry perspective which will explore changes, competitive strategies, and management techniques;

. Create an environment that encourages the exchange of information through networking and partnering;

. Provide participants with new skills and techniques for strategically positioning their business to attain stated goals.

. Use technology to identify new sources of management, marketing and research, product development, promotion and sales.

. Provide participants new and expanded sources of information for management, research, and funding .

. Identify new trends in the management, marketing and operations practices which improve efficiencies.

Four educational tracks targeting different industries have been developed and workshops are either currently being offered or will be in the near future. To learn more about each, click on the titles listed below:

Track 1: Energy Efficiency

Track 2: Green Hospitality & Tourism Training

Track 3: Sustainable Agriculture

Track 4: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®)

If you would like more information please contact Stacy L. Harvey, CMP, CMM at